Wireless networks are a crucial part of daily life, both for personal and professional use. Home wireless networks are easy to set up, but enterprise wireless networks require much more attention to security and access control. Stafford Associates specializes in providing secure wireless solutions for businesses to meet their needs.

Wireless networks can present security risks, and it is important to have proper security measures in place to protect sensitive information. Access control can also be customized to allow certain types of data to be transmitted while keeping other information secure. Stafford Associates can design wireless networks that meet your specific needs.

Wireless networks are especially convenient in situations where running cables is not feasible. Stafford Associates can provide wireless solutions for internal use or as a convenience for your customers.

We provide wireless network services for various industries including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail services. Whatever your wireless needs may be Stafford Asssociates will make wireless work for you.

Financial Services

For financial-services firms, mobile employees can have instant access to customer data and industry trends.


Healthcare providers can access real-time patient information and medical research from the patient bedside, while manufacturing workers can share real-time data on the factory floor.


Wireless access to the networked supply chain helps manufacturers allow employees to share real-time data on the factory floor and support timely assembly.

Retail Services

Retailers can improve store staff efficiency and customer experience by offering relevant promotions, product information, and online ordering.