Stafford Associates has been fixing Apple Computers and devices for over 15 years. Not only are our Apple technicians certified each and every year, but their dedication to the Apple platform has spanned since Apple’s beginning. This passion for the Apple is seen in their experience and expertise. Stafford Associates can work on (and upgrade) systems that Apple deems “Vintage” or “Obsolete" while also providing assistance with the latest technology.

Stafford Associates has integrated Macs into Windows environments for Schools and Businesses around Long Island. From lab deployments, to server builds and client machine maintenance, Stafford Associates has the knowledge necessary to support any system in any environment.

Stafford Associates can also come to your house to resolve problems that can’t be duplicated at a “store” with a “genius”. We can troubleshoot printing problems, network or internet problems and even coordinate with 3rd parties (like Cablevision and Verizon) to resolve your problems.

Stafford Associates will always provide you with a quote prior to repairing the computer so that you do not incur any unexpected charges. If a piece of equipment is not under warranty, a minimum diagnostics fee will be taken and that will allow us to diagnose the computer. If the repair is approved, that diagnostics fee will be applied to the final bill. If it is decided that the computer is not worth repairing, then you can either take the computer back or apply the diagnostics fee towards recycling the computer.

Apple iOS devices


Make sure that you are making the best use of your iOS devices and all of their features. For instance, combined with an Apple Airport Express, you could use your iPhone (or iPad) as a remote control for your iTunes library. The Apple Airport Extreme allows you to reach your home network, printers included, from over the internet. The Apple TV allows you to stream your photos from iPhoto, and it might even replace cablevision for you!

Your Mac can be your multimedia hub to your house as it streams your own collection of movies to any device (even when you’re away from home). Sharing photos with friends and family has never been easier. And now with iCloud Drive, you can take all of your documents with you on your iPhone!  If you’re not taking advantage of the features that make Apple products amazing, you might as well have bought an Android! But seriously, let Stafford Associates help you make the most of your Apple products. 

Coming soon, Home Kit and Health Kit will be fully integrated services that will likely be part of your every day routine. A smart home is only as smart as the people that set it up!

Remote Support

Stafford Associates can also offer remote support. If ever you have a problem, call us and we’ll either walk you through the problem or we can take control of your computer temporarily and fix it for you. That’s like having an Apple technician by your side always!