Providing a Safe and Secure method of sending sensitive data using Email.

Un-encrypted email does not insure a private conversation. It's possible for others to intercept and gain access to sensitive company information. The Stafford Associates Email Encryption Service insures that the only people reading your emails are the people you're sending them to.

Our easy-to-use service connects organizations with their customers and partners to protect and deliver sensitive information in healthcare, finance, insurance and government.

Stafford Associates' unmatched Email Encryption Service allows customers to communicate seamlessly and securely. Each customer is enrolled in the ZixDirectory, the global repository with tens of millions of members. With ZixDirectory, customers eliminate the need to build their own directory of encryption keys to communicate securely with their partners and customers. Stafford Associates' Email Encryption Service is easy-to-use and is the leading encryption service in the industry today.

Stafford Associates' hosted ZixPort ® Solution

Stafford Associates’ hosted ZixPort solution is a secure messaging service that provides companies with a way to encrypt email communications with their customers and business partners. As a hosted service, branded for each customer, ZixPort does not require additional IT, web or security infrastructure. ZixPort is based on standard Internet technology that ensures users can access their secure messages through a variety of Internet browsers. This includes Internet browsers on mobile devices.

With ZixPort, customers can customize the look and feel to match their website and select from a variety of features to meet their needs. As a hosted solution, ZixPort requires no internal resource support, development time or hardware. And best of all, it’s easy for employees, customers and business partners to use.

Many users choose to read their emails from Blackberry ®, Windows Mobile ® or iPhone ® devices. With ZixPort, you can send confidential information and be sure your customer can read and reply securely, no matter what they are using. It is designed to provide mobile users with a simple interface that can be accessed via the device’s Internet browser. There is no software to install and nothing to configure.

Why has Stafford Associates partnered with ZixCorp?

FFIEC regulators, including the FDIC, OTS, OCC and NCUA use ZixCorp to secure their email. More than 30 Blue Cross Blue Shield Organizations and Health insurers which provide data for more than 70 million people trust ZixCorp with their mail encryption.

ZixCorp has more than 1,300 financial institutions as customers. When financial institutions use ZixCorp’s Email Encryption Service they get seamless, secure email communications with their partners and customers, many who are members of the ZixDirectory. That means instant secure communications with your federal regulators

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